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Longhaired black cat relaxing on furniture in living room.
Woman and her cat.

Melinda Bates
Cat Sitter and Owner


"Every cat is my best friend."


"Time spent with cats is never wasted."

-Sigmund Freud

Over 50 years of living with cats; loving and raising them from delightful kittenhood through their wise and wonderful senior years.

Meow At Home provides dedicated cat sitting services in Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor and Safety Harbor Florida.

It is well known cats love and enjoy their homes. They have their perfect spot for soaking up the sun and that special window to watch the birds and squirrels.  Contrary to popular belief cats do get lonely and miss their families when they are away. It can be stressful for them to have their daily routine disrupted.

Meow At Home quickly establishes a new routine of twice daily visits so cats will have a sense of security that they are not forgotten; that they will be fed and taken care of and have someone who interacts and plays with them.

There is nothing more rewarding than to hear a cat's welcoming meow, a brush against my leg or the appreciation in their beautiful eyes.

If you have questions, please see our FAQ's below.

What sets Meow At Home apart from other cat sitting services?

Meow At Home LLC is a professional cat sitting service. We are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR; Bonded and Insured. All cat sitting visits are provided by Melinda Bates, Owner and Cat Sitter. Finally, our twice daily visits of 30 to 60 minutes help to keep your cats less stressed while you are away.
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