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The Meow Report

Helping Your Senior Cat Age Gracefully

Senior cats hold a very special place in our hearts. Together we’ve grown and bonded with each other over the years. Senior cats know what we’re thinking before we do to keep us on track with our routines. They have been with us through many of life’s trials and tribulations offering us comfort without words with cuddles, kisses, and purrs.

As our cats grow older, they depend upon us even more for their care especially in their senior years. Cats are subject to many of the same age-related ailments that we are such as high blood pressure, arthritis, intestinal disorders, neurological issues.

It is natural for them to sleep more and move more slowly. They may have difficulty navigating the stairs that in their younger days they use to bound up and down like a wild cat. It will be difficult for them to jump up on the bed to snuggle at night. They like their quiet time away from the noise in our households. They enjoy being warm and cuddling up in cat beds or soft blankets.

Their eating habits may change and the food they’ve always eaten and enjoyed is no longer appealing. Their sense of smell may fade making it difficult to smell their food. The texture of the food may no longer be agreeable. It is important that we pay attention to their eating habits as cats cannot go without eating. Their Kidneys and Liver will start shutting down. Before they may have enjoyed eating pate, however now they want nothing to do with it. Try tempting them with different foods such as gravy based, different flavors, dry food or even kitten food which is higher in fat content and more palatable to tempt them to eat.

Our senior cats may become confused and have accidents outside their litter boxes. Be patient with them, show them where their boxes are and keep them extra clean. Grooming may become more difficult for them, and they may need assistance with keeping their hindquarters clean.

The love and care you give your senior cat will be reflected in the appreciation in their beautiful eyes and rewarded with purrs and kisses. Be positive and keep them engaged with you through daily interactions and by showing them your love. Together you will both age gracefully.

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