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The Meow Report

Purrs and Mistletoe

It’s the Holiday Season, that special time of the year filled with warmth, love, and excitement. We’re not the only ones who enjoy the season. Our cats enjoy the Holidays just as much we do.

Their eyes light up with excitement and anticipation when we put up the Christmas trees and decorations. They enjoy supervising the setup, helping to unwrap the ornaments and lights; deciding which ornaments they want to knock off the tree later to play with.

Depending on our cat’s age they have visions of climbing to the top of the tree or laying underneath and batting the ornaments, scratching, and pulling the ribbons off the presents. They enjoy curling up in their favorite cozy spot and simply enjoying the lights. Our cats look forward to Christmas morning and pulling their toys out of their Christmas stockings to play with and add to their toy collections.

As cat parents we do need to be aware of the many hazards that can injure our cats and to keep them safe. Items such as hooks on ornaments, tinsel, garland, ribbon are choking hazards. Many Christmas plants such as Poinsettias, Lilies and Mistletoe are poisonous and toxic to cats. Flocking on Christmas trees and decorations are also toxic. We need to keep holiday foods out of their reach.

Let’s make this Christmas and Holiday Season a safe and memorable one for all of us and our cats.

Meow and Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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