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The Meow Report

Starting My Day With A Smile. The Joys of Cat Sitting

Cats are highly intelligent, sensitive individuals. Although may people think they are independent creatures that don't require a lot of attention they are wrong.

I have always found cats to be interactive and social when they are approached with love and caring attention. Cats bring such joy! I find myself smiling throughout the cat sitting visits and for the rest of the day.

As a cat sitter I strive to ensure the cats in my care eat well, are healthy and safe. My desire is for them to enjoy their "catcation" with me while their families are away. It is so rewarding to have the cats in my care meet me at the door, meow hello, rub against my leg and give me head butts and kisses. What really makes my day is when a shy or scaredy cat comes out of their shell and acts more normal and relaxed with me deciding to join in the fun of their "catcation".

Cats are truly amazing! They quickly adapt to their new routine after my first cat sitting visit. They follow me around, supervise their food preparation, stay out of the way while I'm cleaning their litter box area. Then miraculously they will reappear meowing and demanding to be brushed and combed. When it's play time, they'll lay by their toys and meow or even bat the toy to me.

My reward and what keeps me smiling is knowing I've made a difference in a cat's life while their families are away and that they can happily Meow At Home.

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