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The Meow Report

Cats' Meow Out About Their Biggest Pet Peeves!

White Cat Meowing
White Cat Meowing

As cat parents we have all been on the receiving end of our cat’s stare of disdain and the dismissive flick of their tail. Cats are finicky and persnickety. They know what they want, and they expect us to comply with their wishes.

Our cats feel it’s time to share their biggest pet peeves with us in hopes we’ll fall in line with their way of thinking. As you can imagine this revolves around their food, litter, brushing and care!

Pet Peeve # 1 Food and Water Bowls

· Bowls Too Small – “Small bowls hurt my whiskers!” “Research shows that it causes whisker fatigue and impacts my enjoyment of eating.”

· Bowls Not Cleaned – “Bowls not cleaned after each use and before fresh food and water is given is disgusting!” “The buildup of kitty spit and bacteria is a health issue.” “Would you eat or drink out of dirty dishes?”

· Placemat and Eating Area Not Cleaned – “Keeping this area clean is just as important as cleaning my food and water bowls!” “Please wipe and clean up old food and litter tracked to my eating area and from washing my litter caked paws in my water bowl.”

Pet Peeve # 2 Litter Box Issues

· Box is Too Small – “You wonder why I go outside the box?” “The box is too small, and the litter is not scooped after I use it!” “You expect me to get in there?”

· Litter Box Placement – “Litter box placed next to my eating area or in a busy place in the house.” “Seriously!” “Do you go where you eat or in the living room?”

· Only One Litter Box for Multiple Cats – “The long line in the morning to use the only box and you wonder why I’m constipated and doing my business elsewhere in the house?”

· Cat Litter – “Don’t you know how hard it is to stand up and balance myself in extremely deep cat litter?” “It only needs to be filled two to three inches.” “Please don’t get me started on deodorized cat litter!” “You may like the smell, but I don’t!” “My nose picks up smells 100 times more than yours does.”

Pet Peeve # 3 Grooming

· Not Brushing Me – “You wonder why I have hairballs and fur all over the house!” “If you would routinely brush and comb me it will help control the hair ingestion and the hairballs that build up in my digestive track that causes not only the hairballs but also gastrointestinal health issues.”

Pet Peeve # 4 Care While You Are Traveling

· Not Providing Someone to Take Care of Me Properly – “Going away for days at a time and not having someone to take care of me!”

“Leaving me with only a bowl of food and water.” “Don’t you know I am already stressed because you are not at home?” “Now I have to worry about what happens if I eat all the food at one time or knock over my water bowl.” “You think you have it covered with a timer food bowl?” “Don’t you know I could accidently or on purpose knock it over so I can get more food when I want it!”

“Who will clean my litter box?”

“What if there is a bad storm and the power goes out.” “How will I handle not having air conditioning!”

“You know what – leaving me alone for days is Abuse!” “I’m lonely and distressed!”

“Please show me you love me and find a reliable, caring Cat Sitter to take care of me until you are home again-where you belong.”

So, there you have it! Our cats’ biggest pet peeves and concerns.

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