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Resources for Curious Cat Parents

Siamese Cat with Blue Eyes
Siamese Cat with Blue Eyes

Our cats depend on us, not only for their happiness, but their health and safety. As cat parents it is our responsibility to be our cat’s advocate. We are their spokesperson when visiting the veterinarian, choosing their food and cat litter.

Veterinarians look at the clinical aspects of our cats but depend on us as their cat parent to provide insights into our cats’ recent behavior, eating habits and litterbox use. They want to know why we feel something is off with our cats.

Happily, there are various resources available to us as cat parents online. I am pleased to share my go to resources that I use when my cat is not feeling well, or I am considering changing his food or litter.

·  This site is a great resource. It offers unbiased reviews on every cat food offered in the marketplace, and cat litter brands. They do their own testing, and you will find in-depth results on cat food and litter. They also have great articles on health and behavior.

· offers the best pet health and care advice from real veterinarians with written and reviewed articles, symptom checker and cat care center.

·  Sign up for articles and have them sent to your email. This site offers articles and information on cat food and litter, cat care, recall alerts and Ask a Vet.

· The latest resources and articles about feline health.

· In-depth articles on feline health.

· Online version of the home medical reference for cats.

·      Know your pet articles and in-depth information about your cat and their health.

·  This is a nonprofit organization that invests in science to advance animal health and protect the health of animals. Learn about the latest research into cat diseases.


The information provided above is meant to assist you when dealing with issues surrounding your cat’s health and provide additional insight into their health and well-being when collaborating with your cat’s veterinarian.

Your curiosity can save your cat’s life!

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